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Your Health is NO Joke - Riley Volvo Seriously Cares

Riley Volvo Cars Stamford is thrilled to announce an initiative with local businesses that will provide resources to improve your health, life, and general well-being.

Volvo builds cars designed to make your life better; Riley Volvo echoes this concept and provides a superior customer experience with benefits you won’t receive from any other car dealership in the country.

Nothing is more important than your health, which is a major reason you choose to buy a Volvo, the safest car in the world. Built with sustainable materials, air quality systems, and lesser CO2 emissions, our partnerships are an extension of this well-being, provided as an exclusive, complimentary benefit to our customers. Customers eligible for these benefits must have leased or purchased a Volvo as of 4/1/22 or later.

We have designed 3 levels of benefits, depending on the Volvo you choose:

Recharge Pro - Any new All-Electric Volvo lease or purchase

  • Equinox Darien - 1 Month Membership

  • Dr. Zembroski - Signed “rebuild” book & 15-minute phone consultation

  • Athena Bookstore - 15% off a one-time purchase

  • Stamford Museum & Nature Center - 1 Year Director’s Circle Membership

Recharge+ - Any new Volvo lease or purchase or Certified Pre-Owned purchase

  • Equinox Darien - 1 Week Membership

  • Dr. Zembroski - “rebuild” book from world-renowned Functional Medicine doctor

  • Athena Bookstore - 10% off a one-time purchase

  • Stamford Museum & Nature Center - 1 Year Family Membership

Recharge - List of Wellness Resources Available to any Riley Volvo Cars Stamford client

Once your lease or purchase is finalized and processed by our team, you will receive an email to redeem your benefits online. Simply bring the confirmation email to any of these partners to receive your complimentary health benefit.

We chose these local partners because they provide the following holistic resources:

Equinox Darien: Exercise, fitness, training.

Dr. Zembroski: Customized healthcare, functional medicine, personal rebuild.

Athena Bookstore: Reading, education, literacy.

Stamford Museum & Nature Center: Nature, outdoors, community.

Your experience with Riley Volvo Cars Stamford is our top priority, and we sincerely hope these exclusive benefits help you in some way. In health and happiness, from our family to yours, we hope your new car leads you down some exciting new paths and adventures!

Stay tuned for additional events, partnerships, and resources throughout the year!


Team Riley


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