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Shop Online at Riley Volvo

Buying or leasing a car online was a difficult process in the past, however, new technologies, vendors, and partners are making online car shopping more convenient than ever. Riley Volvo partners with the best online car shopping provider, chosen and trusted by many automobile manufacturers, bringing you the best online shopping experience possible.

When choosing an online store provider, we had 3 main requirements:

  1. Simple online shopping process for the client

  2. Provide transparency in the buying process for the client

  3. Seamless integration with our showroom shopping experience

Online Inventory

Navigating to brings you to the inventory currently available at Riley Volvo, which can be filtered by budget, model, etc., as well as sorted by availability, price, and year. If a Volvo is currently reserved by another client, it will display as greyed-out with a "RESERVED" tag, letting you know another client has already left a deposit for this Volvo.

Once you've picked a Volvo that you want, simply click that car and you are brought to your quote page.

Your Quote Page

You can customize your New or Certified Pre-Owned deal 100% online, at your convenience, whether it's a lease (New cars only), finance, or cash deal. Change your mileage per year, cash down, add a trade, or add another model to your online account to compare.

Once you've created the deal you want, the next step is to "Save for Later", "Contact Dealer", or "Continue Purchase" online. If you're ready to proceed with the deal you've built, click "Continue Purchase" to add this Volvo to your Shopping Cart and finish the Checkout process.

Your Shopping Cart

Just like when you shop online with other retailers, you can complete your Volvo purchase by adding any accessories, trade-ins, and extended warranties. If you select any of these options, your Pricing Details will automatically update in the top right of your cart. You can always navigate back to any part of the Checkout process by clicking any of the links in your Order Summary at the left of the page.

If you are leasing or financing, you can apply for credit right here in the Checkout process.

Once you're ready to proceed with your cart, complete the Checkout process by leaving a credit card deposit online. This reserves the car for you, and a Sales Consultant will call, email, or text you right away to review your deal.

That's it!

Our goal is to make the Volvo buying experience as simple and convenient as possible for our clients. We're always available via phone or text, email, or online chat should you have any questions.

Riley Volvo Online Store:

Call or Text: 203-359-2632


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